News from the Shelios 2013 expedition

Landscape view from Leif Eriksson Hostel in Quassiarsuk, South Greenland. In the distance, the Narsarsuaq airport and some icebergs coming from the Qoroq glacier. This is the site of the August 28th live webcast of the Aurora.

The team of 15 people of the Shelios 2013 expedition arrived to Narsarsuaq, Greenland, on August 22nd. After visiting the camp sites in the Qaleraliq glacier and the Tasiusaq village, today (Aug. 28th) we arrived to Leif Eriksson Hostel (Tasermiut – located in Quassiarsuk. In front of us Narsarsuaq airport and some icebergs (see the picture).

With some difficulties due to the bad weather, on arrival at the observation sites we set up and tested the satellite connection and put in place all our cameras. On the 24th everything was ready … but the sky was almost always cloudy and the temperature around 3 degrees.
Sky only partly visible on the 22nd, day of arrival, and then, as you can see from our twits, we had to wait until the night of the 26th to get a clear night. A night good for the live transmission and fabulous to take spectacular pictures. Have a look for example to this Flickr set and to this YouTube video.

Some photos of the expedition are available at here

Today, August 28th the day is sunny and weather forecast for the night is good. In a few hours the “aurora dancing” will cover the skies.

M. Serra-Ricart from Greenland