Personal Space, the sky «I like»

The birthday for someone, the graduation day for someone else. The day of your first kiss, or your first day of employment, or maybe the day of your last cigarette. Our lives are punctuated by memorable moments. But how was the sky directly above your head at those significant personal moments?

Personal Space” is there to answer the question.
A free web-based application developed within the GLORIA project by Irish artist Emer O Boyle and astronomers Lorraine Hanlon, Martin Topinka (University College Dublin), and Robert Simpson (University of Oxford). Personal Space is an art science collaboration, one of a growing number of projects that re-connects the expertise of artists and scientists.

It turns the celestial sphere into a huge, boundless social network. Establishing direct and personal connections to the universe by linking significant events in your own life with what was above you in the sky at that moment. And with people all around the world who shared that portion of the sky with you.

“I am an astronomer, I have lots of reasons for looking at different bits of the sky. But what is the bit of the sky that is most obvious for people to look at? I am told by non-astronomer friends that you want to look directly up», said Robert Simpson. «So what is directly above my head right now? That is the idea behind Personal Space».

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