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Business, Entrepreneurship

hire an economist lecturer

Why call on a speaker within a company or an event?

The first conference I attended was the SMX Paris in 2013 (10 years already…). I bought tickets...
restaurant equipment

What are the essential equipment for a restaurant?

Running a successful restaurant requires having the right equipment to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly.…
online learning

What are the advantages of online learning?

Teaching as the transmission of knowledge is based on perception, in particular through oratory or…
estimate value of online business website

How to estimate the value of a website or a web business?

Many software programs offer an automatic estimate of your website, based in particular on free data at ...



E-commerce: how to secure your shipments?

In the online sales sector, the sending of parcels must be prepared carefully. Above all, you have to think about…
seafood e-commerce

How to make a seafood e-commerce site progress?

Louise writes to us about her seafood e-commerce site: "Good evening Erwan, Again a big thank you...
E-commerce product not available SEO

E-Commerce: what to do with a catalog product that is no longer sold?

The question of the week comes from Clémentine: what to do when a product in your E-commerce is no longer available ...
e-commerce conversion

Conversion to e-commerce

Do you want to turn your visitors into buyers? This is quite normal, because it is the objective of an online store. I…


create prospecting file

How to create your prospecting file?

Do you perfectly identify your targets and want to launch an email prospecting campaign? Unfortunately you lose too much ...
E-mail marketing

Email Marketing: Finding a Better Way to Select and Distribute Content

In the last few years, email marketing automation systems have had a global impact - and it's not difficult ...
newsletter software

5 benefits of newsletter software for your marketing campaigns

More and more users are reading their emails on mobile devices, and companies are getting it right. The…
B2B email prospecting

B2b mail prospecting: should I buy company files?

A company that starts its activity in 2018 is facing the same major difficulty as its elders of the years ...

Finance, Crypto & NFT

online survey scam

Earning money with surveys: the old school scam?

In 2010, I wrote the first version of this article on the online survey scam. I first thought...
what to do choice life money

What to do with your life and your money? The basics

The most important thing is to use your time (your life) and your money according to your PROJECTS. What are your…
web 3 polygon

Learn Web3 – become blockchain developer

My interest in Web3 and blockchain development really kicks off in 2022 with this job posting on…
Invest Bitcoin Nabilla

Bitcoin: should you trust Nabilla to manage your wealth?

In 2018, Nabilla released a video on Snapchat, in which she promoted bitcoin: "even if ...

Real estate, construction

Choosing the right notary

Choosing the right notary, an important step for the sale

The notary is the public officer who intervenes at different stages of life: marriage contract, purchase, sale, donation, etc.
buy apartment ireland

Buying or renting an apartment in Ireland?

Given the high rental prices, should you buy an apartment in Ireland when you have a career opportunity?…
real estate buyer psychology

How (good) to negotiate a real estate purchase? (apartment, house…)

You have decided to take action, to buy your principal residence or for a rental investment. How to negotiate well...
crazy tenant

A future alienated tenant in BREST?

After presenting you with a top 10 of my worst tenants and then a case of difficult management of an alienated tenant,…

IT, Hi-Tech & Techno


Headset with microphone: 3 criteria for companies

In a professional setting, the headset with microphone is a very practical accessory. It meets the needs of mobility and…
secure online payment

How to be sure to secure your online payments?

If you are used to shopping for goods and services online, you should ...
Future Cloud USB Drive

What future for the USB key in the age of the cloud?

Data storage is changing dramatically. My first games on CPC 664 had to be typed by hand ...
Gallery digital kiosk

Why equip yourself with an interactive terminal or a touch table for professional events?

For the success of a seminar, a workshop and even a trade fair, it is not uncommon to see companies ...

SEA - paid referencing

launch ad campaign

SEA coaching: launch your Google Ads campaign with an expert

Create and optimize your Google Ads campaign with your Profiscient specialist in SEA. The SEA corresponds to paid referencing,…
Comparison shopping service CSS

Comparison Shopping Service (CSS): should you use (only) that of Google?

The Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) was born from the condemnation of Google in 2017 to a fine of 2,4 billion…
improve usability adwords management page

How to improve the usability of your landing page?

The quality of a landing page is essential in the implementation of an SEO strategy. Also, Google ...
Google Ads long tail

How to aim for the long tail with Google Ads?

In SEO as in SEA, keyword research is decisive. 80% of your traffic will come from keywords ...

SEO - natural referencing

natural referencing (SEO) in Google

How can your business benefit from natural referencing (SEO) in Google?

Natural referencing (SEO) is one of the marketing tools to sell its products and services. It is therefore a vital channel,…
google nofollow link penalty

Google penalty possible for nofollow links?

A site that makes a "clickable" link to another site sends a positive signal to Google. A site that…
expired domain name auctions

Expired domains: why and how to recover them?

Many SEOs are interested in expired domains. Indeed, a good referencing in Google is links + content. To get…

Francophone referencing: which agency to choose?

To deploy an effective natural referencing (SEO) strategy, SEO agencies have become essential players for companies.…

SMO - social networks

snack content social media

How to make a difference on social networks thanks to snack content?

Short video, captioned photo, short video or even gif: content snacks have now become an effective solution for…

What Makes Content Go Viral on the Internet?

If you are familiar with web marketing or SEO blogs, you have probably read articles or ...
Best LinkedIn Tools

Top 7 of the best Linkedin tools to boost your ROI

LinkedIn has moved from the stage of a social network looking for a job to that of a platform dedicated to professional relations.…
Communicate in times of crisis

Social networks: how to communicate in times of crisis?

It's no longer a secret for you: being on social networks nowadays is as vital as ...

Web Strategy

omnichannel strategy

Why do big brands use an omnichannel strategy?

I received a simple question this week: what does omnichannel strategy mean? Additional question: should we grant ...

Internet sales: a supervised practice

You are a professional and you want to start an e-commerce site, but you don't know where to start. You…
influencer marketing

How to use influencer marketing to develop your business?

For years, I have been doing influencer marketing without knowing it. My daily life is SEO (natural referencing). I help the ...
LMS tool to create your training and learn

LMS (Learning Management System): the powerful educational tool

In the era of globalization, we are witnessing a real revolution in new technologies and digitization. Thus, several ...

Web Marketing

how to choose web host

How to choose a good web host for a website with high traffic?

The Internet has nearly 2 billion websites in 2022, and this figure is far from stabilizing. The…
motion design

Motion design: a communication tool full of potential

Recently, the world of marketing has put forward a concept with high added value, but whose strategic interest is not…

3 questions to ask your consumer panel

Composing a consumer panel is not always easy. Once the individuals have been brought together, it is still necessary to find the appropriate questions…

SMS campaign: when should you choose to launch it?

Appearing at the same time as the first mobile phones, SMS (Short Message Service) are now among the marketing levers…


wordpress maintenance

Why switch to the Gutenberg editor for your WordPress site?

To begin with, what is the Gutenberg block editor? Also called WordPress block editor or Gutenberg editor, it is the editor ...
wordpress website hacking

How to secure a WordPress site victim of hacking and spam?

If like me you manage a few websites using Wordpress, you may have already received the following alert: By typing ...
CMS host domain name

The basis of a website for success: domain name, host and CMS

Like almost everyone in my generation, I learned computer science on a self-taught basis. Then I studied law.…
website migration host

What are the critical factors to consider when selecting a new web host to migrate a website?

There are thousands of web hosts on the Internet, with companies that have existed since the network was launched ...