University College Dublin (UCDNUID)

Lorraine Hanlon (lorraine.hanlonATucd.ie) – PI of Watcher

Research interests: GRBs, next generation gamma-ray imaging technology, science communication/outreach.

Martin Topinka (martin.topinkATgooglemail.com) – PhD high energy astrophysics

Research interests: GRBs, magnetars.

Emer O’Boyle (emeroboyleATgmail.com) – MA (Fine Art)

Research interests: linking contemporary art practice with science.

Informal (i.e. not paid but doing something relevant) GLORIA team members associated with UCD:
Seamus Meehan (seamus.meehanATucd.ie) – PhD student on Watcher
Michael Redfern (mike.redfernATnuigalway.ie) – Emeritus professor from NUI Galway

Interests: bringing his telescope in Galway (used for students) into the network.

Research interests: instrumentation, high time resolution astrophysics.