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You can be part of the event by sharing your photos!

Our message to the future

For many people on the planet, this will be their only chance to see a transit of Venus. What story do we want to tell to our descendants who will see the next transit in 105 years? What was going on in the world on June 5th/6th 2012, against the backdrop of this magnificent cosmic spectacle?  We would like people to document this historic event by turning their cameras back to Earth to capture images of special places, everyday life, memorable events, themselves and their loved ones, on the days of June 5th and 6th 2012.

We are asking people to make their images usable by others, in keeping with GLORIA’s open-access philosophy, and to give as much information about the images as possible. In particular, we ask you to give the location of the photos you submit.

What can be done with the photos?

The images in the collection will initially be uploaded to Flickr, but will also form part of an  archive for the future.

Some possible uses of the photos include:

  • Time capsule: School children collect photos taken in their locality and make a time capsule, that could be kept sealed until 2117, when the next Transit of Venus will occur.
  • Photo-book: Communities, both real and virtual, could make printed photo-books using images with a theme of special relevance to that community, which could be used for charitable fund-raising.
  • Message in the cloud: GLORIA partners will select a set of images for storage in the cloud.
  • Travelling exhibition: A set of photos could be printed on archival paper for use in a travelling exhibition.

How you can contribute

Join the Flickr group:

Please take your photos on the 5th or 6th of June 2012. They do not have to be taken during the transit, since this would exclude people who are sleeping through it! We want to include everybody.

Then, upload your photos, with as much information as possible, especially about the location. The Flickr group will close in July 2012, so please remember to upload your photos before then.

You can also email your photos directly to:

The Flickr Group ‘Message to the Future’ operates under the following rules, which you agree to by uploading or emailing us your photos:

We expect all contributors, and those who use this collection, to adhere to the community spirit that this collection represents and to ‘do the right thing’. Any dubious content will not be allowed into the collection.

  1. We acknowledge that copyright remains with the photographer of the picture. To be credited, please remember to include your details with the photo.
  2. By uploading your photos to this collection you confer the rights to reproduce your picture here and in all reasonable uses connected with this initiative, as outlined, without charge.
  3. If you have photos with people under the age of 18, it is your responsibility to ensure the necessary parental consent has been obtained before you upload the photos.
  4. The GLORIA team accepts no responsibility for improper use of submitted photos.

Thanks for participating!